How We Do It

“The journey is as important as the destination, so forget integration if we can’t get to the core.”

At Legion Public Relations, we believe in dissecting the layers by cutting through the clutter. Only when we get to the heart of our clients’ needs is where we open the floodgates of ideas.

The results? Powerful insights, accurate strategies, and effective penetration that carves your formidable reputation.

Let us match your needs with our practical solutions:

Everyone is a nobody but they can be somebody.

It all falls back to how you orchestrate your next steps.

Our approach in reputation management does not necessarily means profiling, but what if we say draw the smoke screen?

Uncertainty breeds trouble and most times leave everyone confused.

How do we defuse? We talk to the very people who make up your stakeholders, be it internal or external.

Their opinions matter and we inject those findings in our strategy to move forward.

If you don’t know how to say it, this is where we come in with big words to connect, convince or confuse.

Communications strategies and counsel should meet your objectives, even if you don’t see a clear vision of the end results.

Let it all fall into place as we steer towards your goal, for your business.

Are you reaching out to stakeholders via the media only? Then, we have got to work harder.

Stakeholders engagement cultivates the longevity of your business, not news that do not relate to those who need to listen.

Not everything is a crisis but it can start from an issue.

Maybe it’s not that serious after all, maybe we are in for the longest ride of our lifetime in every minute. Before anything happens, our approach to issues and crisis management is to first understand what falls into where by identifying the severity of the situation.

So, when it hits, we are prepared. Or, you can choose to still call us the moment it happens.

It is bread and butter they say.

Just that the bread is turning into crumbs and yet we soldier on.

Media relations and events are part of what we do and for the time being, we will continue to do it, only strategically.