Who We Are


When we first started, we had nothing more than just ancient tales and moral virtues imparted by our elders in guiding us through life.

Holding steadfastly to these values, we dearly stand by The Five Constants of leading a virtuous life;

  • Rén (仁, benevolence);
  • Yì (義/义, righteousness);
  • Lǐ (禮/礼, proper rite);
  • Zhì (智, knowledge);
  • Xìn (信, integrity).

Mirroring the Constants as part of our business values; traditional but relevant, we decided that the Chinese character of Five “五”(wǔ) is our first dictum.

We are in the business of serving people and blind of any form and differences, we strategically paired the Chinese character of “營” (yíng), with our dictum, to denote the brand’s growing influence in our niche and the expansion through our legionnaire.


Taking notes from two great civilizations that the world has ever seen, the Chinese and the Roman, Legion Public Relations’ is represented by the Chinese characters of “五營” (wǔ yíng), which bears a literal translation, “Five Directional Camps”.

Reflected in both civilizations’ military strategies, the East, South, West and North hosts their own militant strength and legionnaire, constantly guarding the Middle Kingdom, the Centre of the Nation and maintaining a formidable cohort in the heartbeat of the empire.

Applying military art to modern business times, Legion Public Relations holds true to our Asian roots, whilst maintaining the brand vanguard in the industry.


A pool of consultants who understand that above all, a client’s reputation matters most.

Whether it is tactical measures or sustainable campaigns, a compelling image starts with the right positioning. We get to work by making sure that it is from the start, salvaged in the middle or revived again.

Be it your business or personality, it starts with your drive to be seen by those who matters.

That is when we come in and say,

your REPUTATION begins with US.